7 Nov 2010

Weekend off

One of the benefits with the "work at home"-concept is the ability of taking a day off whenever you want. Or a weekend.

After all, that is one of the main reasons why we become online marketers in the first place. Now, when I have done this for five years more or less, I finally have the financial freedom to do so.

It took time and errors, and most of the errors could have been avoided. Naturally, but I have always had a "mind of my own", as they say - my wife hates it, but we are still married ;) - and tried to find new and easier solutions for the things thousands and thousands before me already tried and found to be good.

Those two pictures I've placed here I took yesterday, when out sailing with my old dad, and I think they illustrate the true meaning of "freedom". Oh man, I am so lucky!

By the way, this free weekend was paid for with the bonuses I got from AlertPay. Did you know you get paid for signing up new members there?

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