15 Dec 2010

ClixSense now with AlertPay

I remeber a few years back, when the PTC-program ClixSense launched. I was one of those happy fellows that got along nearly from the start and that way made myself a pretty nice down-line. I also remember the joy I felt when I got my first check from them, I think it was somewhere around $30 in cash, and how I figured my luck was made!

I also, too well, remember when I took it to my bank.

They looked at it, glanced at me like I was something the dog had dragged in then glanced at my check, shook their heads and told me to go home and use it as writing-paper. Basically.

The word disappointment do not cover how I felt. I was devastated. I felt sick.

The worst thing about it is the fact that I was not alone up here in Scandinavia having these feelings. I had several friends telling me the same story, over and over again.

Well, what I did was plain simple. I wrote to them, asked them to hold every single cent until my saldo reach $250 - because that way the sum would cover the bank fees when I exchanged it to REAL money - and forgot the whole thing.

And I had the check -$250 minus the fees fos ClixSense, minus the fees for the bank I had in my hand 37€! - "Wow!" I tought, that's more than some people make in a year in Botswana. Wow, I also realized, that's less than I make in one hour normally.

So, simply of curiosity, I signed in to my ClixSense account, browsed around for a while, and - suddenly - I notced: They now accept AlertPay! HAH! Saved by the bell, or something like that! No more check-disasters, no more $3 per payment, no more problems whatsoever! The cash goes to my AlertPay account automatically every time it reaches $10, in my case about twice a week!

So NOW, maybe, I can feel the joy and happiness I felt two years ago.

And, oh yes there is one "and" again, I will surprise my wife with a few bottles of good wine and something nice to eat tonight! ;)

8 Dec 2010

Sick Leave For Online Marketers

I turned in with a cold. Not bad, but seriously sick enough to feel like staying in bed for a couple of days. Sure, I called in sick (heh!), and my bosses (me, myself and I) were very understanding. But I could not promise myself any paid days off. Paid sick days, often referred to as sick leave or paid sick leave, guarantees workers time off to stay home when they are sick without losing pay or their jobs. A deal that only partly can be applied in a case as mine; "NO, you bugger, you DON'T get paid... But I can't fire you either!"

It is a disaster for most of us marketers that concentrate a big proportion of our marketing strategies and -campaigns on traffic-exchange to get sick. Simply because way too often you won't be able to do those clicks/day demanded to have your ads running.

I am fortunate enough to not bee that sick too often, maybe once every other year at most, but it still got me thinking of how we poor self-employed online marketers can prepare for such a disaster.

One thing, of course, is to stack up a nice pile of credits in all the different places you normally use to advertise... A thing often easier said than done.

Another way is to use a bunch of free safelists, and that is what I did this time. I was lucky enough to have a self-made list of responsible ones that I made a few weeks back while - for a totally different reason - was doing some research on them. And I had a few responses too, lucky me.

So, to help those of you that plan on getting sick in the near future I place that list here:

I sure, as well as you, do know that a small list of safelist have no chance of compensating you for not being online doing the work yourself. As a marketer we NEED to be there - the personal contact is so important, but if it can prevent us from doing a bankruptcy it is good.

If you have any other ways on your mind, please feel more than free to share them!

1 Dec 2010

Fast Viral Traffic with Traffic Sword

Getting "Viral Traffic" is something we all want. Viral traffic is one of the easiest ways to basically set and forget campaigns for your link. A couple of weeks ago I showed you the "Free Cool Traffic" program, and today I have another one. This one seem to be, if possible, even better!

It is called "Traffic Sword", and it basically work like one of those chain letters that used to be too popular some decades back.

We are Ranked FIRST on TrafficSword.com

The good part with this one is the fact that you set it up in no-time - for me it took a little more than a minute, because I had to cloak my link... Always should have those ready, yes I know. And you get good statistics on how many clicks your link have had, banners in different sizes if you want to promote your affiliate link...

When you have set your site up, it basically runs by itself. Naturally, if you promote the site you get more traffic faster, that is how all of these Viral marketing sites work, but I had 87 hits to my link before I'd done anything else than answered the verification link!

And, of course, this one is absolutely free too!

My link is ranked #1 on TrafficSword.com! Get yours there too!