15 Apr 2008

Traffic Exchange Toolbox

Tons of great features!

Optional Frame
Maybe you want to display our rotator frame, maybe you don't. Either way you can change your mind at any time! Our frame includes a link to open the current site in a new window, and a link to open your TEtoolbox referal url.

Domain Filtering
So you are trying to build a downline in multiple exchanges, and you throw all their referal urls into your rotator. But then you realize your StartXchange referal link can be seen on StartXchange!? Not with Domain Filtering! Domain Filtering, when enabled, will prevent pages from being shown when the refering site is the same domain. No more wasting traffic! You can enable or disable this feature at any time.

No Advertisements
TEtoolbox does not insert advertisements into rotation on you, nor does it create any popups. You can even turn off the TEtoolbox frame on the rotator.

Great Commission
While not the reason to join, commission for refering others is a great feature. What's awesome is even free members get a 10% commission, so if you don't want to upgrade you can still earn some extra cash ;-)

Google AdSense Referrals

What is Google AdSense Referrals?

Referrals is a feature of AdSense that allows website publishers to increase their revenue while increasing their users' awareness of useful products and services. By adding a referral button to a site, publishers can direct users to products like AdSense, AdWords, Picasa, Google Pack and Firefox with Google Toolbar. When a referral connects a user to AdSense, AdWords Picasa, Google Pack or Firefox, Google pays the publisher. Now publishers can introduce their visitors to services that will help them monetize their websites or improve their web browsing experience, and earn more revenue.

In order to use referrals, you need to be an AdSense publisher.

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2 Apr 2008

Capture those Leads!

One of the best ways of marketing is, and has always been, direct marketing. Before marketing went online we used to have to run around and sign up friends, family and complete strangers we met on the street.
Now when we are so called 'Online Marketers', we still have to use the same technique. Only a bit modified. If you go spamming complete strangers with e-mails, I can guarantee you that all of your efforts will result in closed accounts and maybe even lawsuits. Not good, huh?

So how do you find and approach those strangers? Simply by 'capturing leads'. You get them to sign up for this or that, could be a newsletter, a website membership or anything else you can think of. Then, when they have agreed to recieve mails from you, you are allowed to spam them... until they close you down. ;) Yep, gotta be careful there. Too much is always too much.

Here is an example of a leadcapturing splashpage:
The thing that makes that one so fantastic, at least in my opinion, is the fact that it also automatically build you a huge downline!

1 Apr 2008

The Idiot of the Year?


Do it the smarter way, get into