31 Oct 2010


Well, as many of you know, I've been away for a few months. Doing things a man have to do, as they say in those Dickens-novels from long way back in ancient past...


I have a headache. Too much beer and Jaegermeister yesterday. Many of you know what I'm trying to say.

The one and only reason I gather myself so much together that I can write a few sentences here is YOU people, and the fact that I won a bet because of you all.

My buddy, the one who helped me get drunk yesterday, had a laugh on my behalf; He said that there is NO such thing as easy money on the net. Well, I agreed, but drunk as I was I - after a small dispute - promised him I'll get a few hundred bux on my account in 24 hours.

Sure enough, I dug up all my contacts, sent out a lot of letters, sold a bunch of goodies (gave more of them as bribes), and - voilá, as the frenchmen say - I did it.

457,50 in 24 hours.

And no, I'm not going to tell you how. But here's a hint:

If any of you still argue about the value of building a list of people you know; forget it. There is NO way you can make money, serious money that is, online without a personal list of people to use.

One way to get a list like that is to join a social business network like APSense.

See You There!

Now back to bed...

29 Oct 2010

Clicking for Cash.. A PTC with SchnaapKlicks!

Well, for once in my lifetime I joined a PTC for one of the reasons NOT to join one: The name. Well, I did do some research first, of course, and I found out that this program seem legitime enough. They have a low payout to both AlertPay and PayPal, free members can ask for a withdrawal when having 4 $ in the account, and none of the clicks are below 1 cent.

Another new, at least for me, thing they offer is the fact they offer you the opportunity to buy or rent new referrals. Kind of fun, if you like me sometimes have problems getting people to sign up for new programs!

Go ahead, try it for free HERE, you can always upgrade later.