7 Aug 2009


Promotion/Marketing Methods

There are many ways to promote online. One of the most popular one people uses is safelist. The key to succeed in safelist marketing is to join as many as you can and to keep adding new safelists to your list. However, there is just one little problem. Not many of us can find that many safelists to join. Even if we can really put in the effort to do so for a week or two, to continue doing that for many months is just impossible for most people.

By becoming part of the Reality-Networkers, one of the benefits you can enjoy is having the entire team looking for new safelists and other promotion methods for you on a regular basis. Because they are required to find new and more safelists in order for them to get paid, they will never lose the motivation, and will never slack off. So you can continue to post your ads to more safelists, and other promotion methods every single day to help you succeed.

Promotion Tools

An important tool to help you post efficiently to safelists and other promotion methods is an Auto-submitter. There are a lot of those services to choose from. With limited budget, it's almost impossible for most people to pay and try out every single one of them to find out the best one to use.

Therefore, a small portion of the earning from every Reality-Networkers will be used to test out all the auto-submitter, and other promotion tools to find out the best one for the entire team to post their ads more efficiently.

Custom made/Pre-Written Ads

The next thing to an efficient promotion is the presentation of your advertisement. That means you need an eye-catching title with a very attractive content. And worst yet, you need to change your ads on a regular basis to get result !

Therefore, our team of Reality-Networkers is also required to come up with new titles and advertisement for you to choose. These ads are categorized alphabetically, and periodically. And new ads will be added all the time so our members can keep on advertising with new materials every day without having to put in too much time in writing a better title and advertisement.

Online Marketing Tips and Strategies

I'm sure many of you already know that it is important to acquire certain knowledge in order to find a job and earn some money. After all, I'm sure all of you have been to school for this very reason. If a stranger on the street told you he will help you do your work and give you all the money, would you ever believe him ?

NO WAY !!!

So what makes you think things would work like that online ?

If you're still thinking like that, or are looking for an opportunity like that, then you will continue to lose money. It should be a fact to you by now.

If you truly want to succeed in any online venture, you are required to work for it, and must have the knowledge to work for it.

Some of you may think that you do not have the skill or the talent to refer anyone because you have not have any luck in the past few years.

Well, do you think you were just suddenly "given" the skill and the talent that have helped you in your current or previous work place ?

No, I don't think so.

For sure you gained the necessary knowledge and skills from schools, books, experience, or your trainer. And that's exactly what is needed for you to succeed online as well.

That's why a portion of the earning from ALL Reality-Networkers is also used to purchase all those books and guides to help the entire team to gain the necessary knowledge and the skills to succeed.

And those active promoters with many years of experience are also required to write up a short report showing you exactly how he's doing it. Because if he can refer hundreds of people using the same promotion tools and methods as you do, there is no way that you cannot do the same by following his steps !

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4 May 2009

Blogging For Money

Blogging has become a very common word in the web parlance of the modern world. But the question is that, is blogging helpful for your online business.

The obvious answer is a big yes. Without blogging, you will be like a lame man waiting to cross a busy road in the world of e-business. Blogging is indeed helpful for your online business, as it immensely helps in the Search Engine Optimization.

Good blog content can help you to grab the attention of the viewers and this can help you turn them into your customers. Google spiders are also in search of good and original web content which can help you to boost the page rank on search engines. Therefore good blog content is very important as it can increase the popularity of the site and help you to avail significant web traffic.

If You Want To Bring Traffic To Your Website, You Need Content! Everyone should know this by now. But if you use the same, tired, duplicate content that is already being used by hundreds of websites, your efforts will be a waste of time. No matter how well written the content may be, if many sites use the same articles with few or no changes, the value of the content will be diluted for all. Obviously, you need unique content.

One place of getting that kind of articles is found HERE. Go ahead, have a look. It will be worth it!

17 Apr 2009

Pirate Bay hit with legal action

The four men who run one of the most popular file-sharing sites in the world have been charged with conspiracy to break copyright law in Sweden.

The Pirate Bay's servers do not store copyrighted material but offer links to the download location of films, TV programmes, albums and software.

There is a pressconference held by Pirate Bay found HERE!

Prosecutor Hakan Roswall said the website was commercially exploiting copyright-protected work because it was financed through advertising revenues.

2 hours ago the verdict in the case of The Pirate Bay Four was announced. All four defendants were accused of ‘assisting in making copyright content available’. Peter Sunde: Guilty. Fredrik Neij: Guilty. Gottfrid Svartholm: Guilty. Carl Lundström: Guilty. The four receive 1 year in jail each and fines totaling $3,620,000.

15 Apr 2009

Earning Traffic and Cash Surfing

Do you have a raging torrent of targeted traffic flooding your site, or are your visitors trickling in?

If you were fishing for Barracuda you wouldn’t go to the Arctic, would you? And you wouldn’t try to find many Killer Whales on the Equator either, would you?

So, if you’re marketing your site to other Marketers and Opportunity Seekers where do you think you should advertise?

Where is the place you’re likely to get best response?

Yep, you’re right! You’d go wherever other marketers are advertising and viewing websites. Wouldn’t you?

So, I’ve found this new site that delivers a torrent of targeted traffic for online marketers. It’s called Traffic-Splash and they also provide promotional tools to help you build your business.

You can join for free and this gives you the ability to generate up to 250 hits an hour to your sites or you can upgrade and generate up to 750 hits an hour.

They have a special half-price offer for now, where you can upgrade at half-price ($4.98 a month), earning 50% on all your referrals and any random referrals that the owners generate for you too.

The traffic is all well targeted, I’ve not found any cold barracuda yet, so I’m very pleased with the results so far!

I think you’ll be pleased too. Check it out.

Now, you can either upgrade straight away at half price, earning 50% on all your referrals and any random referrals that Paul generates for you, or you can join for free.

Whichever way you go Traffic-Splash, is aiming to bring in a river of referrals so it will be great exposure for your business, helping you to:

• advertise your web business
• grow your opt-in list
• build your affiliate program
• provide resources to improve your advertising

I am certain that Traffic-Splash will quickly become one of the best quality traffic exchanges on the net and I think it‘s a must have advertising resource.

Turn your Splashes into Floods of Traffic

Happy Splashing!

1 Apr 2009

Visited the Lions Den today?

Are you looking for a better place to advertise?

Are you wondering who will join your programs or buy or stuff?

Have you checked out Hit Lion Today?

Here Are Just Some Of The Features available at Hit Lion...

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17 Mar 2009

Getting followers in Twitter

Twitter is supposed to be the next BIG thing out there, and I see no reason to argue with that statement. The potential of it is HUGE, and the program is only in its beginning.

What if you could press just one button & automatically start getting 1000's of legitimate new twitter followers on autopilot... Even if nobody knows who you are now?

The concept is simple, when you retweet the message in the form, you will automatically start following the 6 people in front of you in the system.

A message posted on your twitter will automatically be formated with your unique link. Meaning that when people follow through to this site, they will have to follow you in position 1 to use the system themselves.

Now when those people refer others via their link, their new followers will also follow you in position 2 and so on down 5 levels deep. By the time you reach the 5th position, you will have thousands, if not tens of thousands of new twitter followers... and it NEVER stops growing!

Go ahead, get those followers! TweeterGetter.

15 Mar 2009

Blogging about Bingo

I discovered something new about myself. I like Bingo.

Every time someone used to start a discussion that involved the word "Bingo", I used to get a vision of old ladies sitting in a damp room with a fanatic light shining from their eyes.

Not anymore. I tried Bingo, and now I am hooked.

For those in the Bingo novices amongst us, bingo is a number game which basically involves striking numbers from a card that are randomly drawn and called out to the players.

When all the numbers are called from the players card, the bingo game is won. The traditional 90 number bingo game has a card that has 3 rows and 9 columns. Five squares in each row contain numbers from 1 to 90 and the others are blank. Generally the game consists of 3 attempts; the single line, two lines and the full house where all the numbers are called on the card. The lines play across the board not down the board and the player wins the prize for the line that they match numbers with.

Playing Bingo online is fast becoming the preferred way in which to enjoy the great game of Bingo; and with online Bingo sites popping up all over the internet, you may be a little fearful when it comes to playing safe online. Staying safe when playing Bingo online is easy, there's nothing to be scared of if you keep the following information in mind.

Mr Bingo offers honest and unbiased bingo reviews of all the major online Bingo sites; and furthermore the site encourage their visitors and members to discuss experiences with their favorite (or least favorite!) online bingo sites in the Bingo forum. They also keep you up-to-date with Bingo news.

At Mr Bingo they keep up to date on all the latest online Bingo news, developments, news, offers and winners. There are so many great bingo games to choose from online that you easily will get lost - Mr Bingo will keep you informed of all the developments from the bingo houses, so you don't have to miss out on any special offers, prizes and important bingo news!

Come on, do yourself a huge favour, have a look at Mr Bingo!

10 Mar 2009

Who wants to be an Affiliatenaire?!

Or: How to make money with other peoples products.

There must be a reason why some affiliates succeed and some fail, a reason why some affiliates profit moderately and some affiliates profit substantially.

Successful affiliate marketers are bringing in six figure incomes, just be promoting other people's products. There is a reason for this. Marketers become successful because they can easily find hundreds of hot selling products and start promoting them quickly. In other words, they can scale up their Internet businesses at an amazing speed, just by selling other people's products. There is no need to develop their own products, which can be very time consuming. How long do you think it will take you to develop 100 products?

So if you desire to really become the super affiliate marketer you have to follow certain time tested principles. First among these principles is finding a unique niche. Most of the budding affiliates make the mistake of trying everything instead of focusing on the particular finer aspects of marketing. It is therefore necessary that you focus on one instead of multiple items.

The other important aspect that an affiliate marketer needs to take proper care is the search engine marketing.

Find out EXACTLY how to do this by joining Jimmy D Brown's AFFILIATENAIRE!

28 Feb 2009

Take a survey!

Instantly Make More Money Starting Now...

Make $40 to $160 Per Hour
Just By Sharing Your Opinion With Marketing Giants Like Burger King, Pepsi, Sony, & Coca-Cola

If you have a computer and like giving your opinion, you might want to try doing online surveys from home to make a little extra cash while trying new products. There are hundreds of companies that enlist research panels of average consumers to complete surveys online.

You can't expect to earn a full salary from taking online surveys, but it is possible to earn $50 to $100 a month in cash and free products if you take several short surveys, according to experienced online survey site members. The key is to sign up with several survey sites (which are all free to join) to increase your chances of being selected for the surveys.

When you join a survey site, you provide your personal and demographic information, which credible survey sites will not disclose to any other party. That information is used to select participants for surveys on specific products and services. When you are selected as a panel member, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to take a short screening survey to determine if you fit the profile for that particular survey. If you qualify, you will be asked to take a longer online survey in exchange for some sort of compensation.

6 Feb 2009


If you are interested in starting a raffle fundraiser that raises thousands of dollars, than this will be the most important message you will ever hear.

Here is a list of some of what you'll discover with my Raffle Secrets Course:

  • How to get your raffle prizes absolutely free! I'm talking about car's, TV's, gift certificates, and much much more…
  • Why you don't need hundreds or even thousands of dollars to kick start your raffle fundraiser. Jeez, I show you how you can do it all free and sell out faster than ever before.
  • Learn how to tap into hundreds of thousands of people, waiting at your front to buy a ticket! A secret and often overlooked method, I can guarantee no-one is doing and how you can win as simple as 1-2-3.
  • A simple technique that increases your ticket sales by 83%.
  • How to get your message across town within minutes, not days or weeks and how this method will explode your ticket sales.
  • The Simple 7 "MUST-KNOW" Steps Process to getting your raffle fundraiser registered with your county (if necessary) and state. You MUST know this information to get your raffle approved.
  • The secret sources on where to register and how to register your raffle fundraiser.
  • How to get massive exposure in hundreds and thousands of newspapers, magazines, and other offline and "online" publications instantly!
  • How to turn a 25 person donation into 3,253 powerhouse donation list in no time flat.

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5 Feb 2009

Easy Web Video

Are you frustrated by the time and trouble it takes to get video on your website? Do you want to add stunning, professional-looking videos with cutting-edge effects (like hyperlinks within the videos)? If so, then I have some good news for you...

Thanks to advances in web video technology you can now put any video on any website in just a few minutes. All you need is this new V2F software (which stands for "Video To Flash").

V2F transforms huge video files (.avi, .mpg, .wmv, etc.) into small, Internet-ready "flash" videos so quickly and so easily that ANYONE can do it in just minutes.

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do with V2F:

- Email friends and family a video of your holidays, with just a few clicks.
- Email Grandma and Grandpa a video of the kids playing soccer, baseball, or their school concerts.
- Add video to your eBay auctions and see an instant increase in high paying bids.
- Make your salesletter, website or blog come ALIVE.

When I first came across the V2F package and I’m sure like many customers I was sceptical of the claims of simplicity and great functionality because lets face it, in most cases you either get simplicity (meaning it has no features) or great functionality (meaning you need to be a rocket scientist to operate it). To my huge astonishment THIS WORKED!

This product is one that I truely recommend, see more testiomonials and get the product HERE.

22 Jan 2009

New AOL Webmail Connects Gmail, Yahoo Mail

AOL's newly formed Products and Technologies Group made its first product announcement on Thursday, an update of AOL Mail that allows users to access Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts.

In addition to the plugins for external mail accounts, the second largest free email service (counts 48 million users) has also been updated for faster performance, over 45 new customization themes, and calendar and address syncing with mobile devices including BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone.

Some of the plugins are interesting and useful – the Flickr plugin, for example, lets you browse Flickr tags from within your inbox, while the “Sticky Notes” plugin lets you quickly jot things down. However, many of the plugins – like MapQuest - simply provide basic information and then open up a new window with a website – basically, they’re just bookmark links. AOL Mail’s plugin gallery lets you browse the dozens of different apps you can add to your account, which are then accessible via a sidebar.

The new Products and Technologies group is part of the company's move to an ad-based profit model, and includes Mail, Mapquest, AOL Search, Truveo video search, and AOL Mobile, as well as the back-end infrastructure teams.

15 Jan 2009

Article Marketing has quickly become one of the most highly effective, cost-efficient and risk-free ways to market your internet business. Every day thousands of businesses are jumping onto the article marketing train. And for good reason. It levels the playing field and makes it possible for even complete beginners to compete in their niche.

And the beauty of it is that once you do the work, it keeps working for you over and over again. A single article can generate thousands of visitors to your website over time, generating thousands of dollars in revenue. Imagine what 10, 50 or 100 can do for your business if you know the proper way to do it!

But, what's the use of having all those articles on the internet if nobody wants to click on your link? Sadly, a very large percentage of the articles today fit that description. And the article directories are eating them up because people are clicking on their links. This program will show you how to write an article, from start to finish, that compels every reader to click on your link instead!

Order "The Article Marketing Handbook" today and join the few who actually know how successful article marketing should be done.

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