29 Dec 2008

Making Money with Nostradamus

Making money with the famous predictions by Nostradamus? Are you joking, Ben?

No. I have found that at this time of the year, from Christmas to a couple of weeks after New Year, google search explode with searches from all over the world on the terms; Nostradamus, Predictions, 2012, End of the World, ancient maya.... You name it.

So how do you make money about that?

Well, it is as easy as ine two three. One - Start a blog. Two - choose a subject. Three - Blog!

Let me show you one example:

Related search terms on Nostradamus are: nostradamus, nostradamus 2012 prediction, nostradamus predictions, nostradamus 2012 history channel, nostradamus end of the world

Then you go and write a short article, like:


The old Mayans already new that the end of the world is coming on December 21st, 2012.

Years ago that was in the far distant future. Now its right around the corner. What is it with that date that so many ancients prophesied that the world would end then? Read about the Nostradamus predictions and others.

Its hard to understand how there can be new predictions coming from a man who has been dead almost 500 years. However, it seems that new writings have been found. They obviously aren’t ‘new’, but they have previously been hidden. The revelations that the most famous medieval prophet wrote were controversial and considered blasphemous in his time. A previously unknown book of Nostradamus’ prophesies has been found in the National Library and it contains his end of the world prophesy...

And so on. You see? Filling the context with all those searchwords soo needed is easy. Then fill in with links to places where you get commission, like ClickBank and others, and.... Done.

As I said, easy as one - two - three!

15 Dec 2008

Your Computer is getting too slow!

Every now and then I hear complains in the chat about how the computer is getting slow when surfing on a TE. Well, that is true, that happens, so here is the easiest solution to that problem:

Clearing your cache and cookies.

Most browsers hold a saved copy of visited webpages. Clearing your browser's cache and/or cookies can resolve a number of problems you may be experiencing while surfing or on the web. Instructions for clearing your cache and cookies are different for each browser type. To clear your cache and cookies, follow the steps below.

For MS Internet Explorer:

1. Click Tools at the top of your browser window.
2. Select Internet Options from the menu.
3. Select the General tab, if it's not already selected.
4. Locate the Browsing history section and click Delete.
5. In the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete files If a pop-up window appears, click Yes.
6. In the Cookies section, click Delete cookies If a pop-up window appears, click Yes.

For Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click Tools at the top of your browser window.
2. Click Options.
3. In the Private Data section, click the Settings button.
4. Ensure that Cache and Cookies are checked.
5. Click OK.

For Safari:

1. Click Safari in the upper left corner of your display.
2. Select Reset Safari from the menu.
3. A pop-up box will appear. Click Reset.
4. Click Safari again.
5. Select Empty Cache from the menu.
6. A pop-up box will appear. Click Empty.

I am aqtually very surprised of the amount of people who have NO clue about how to perform this easy task. When I ask them if they have cleared the cache, the most common counter-question is; huh?
Hopefully this will save a few of you from those unnecessary re-boots.

10 Dec 2008

How To Win The Lottery

Recently there's been a huge amount of lottery-money up for grab; here is but a few of the headlines I found taking a normal Google-search:

MegaMillions jackpot balloons to $207 million (The Associated Press)
Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Many Hope to Bank on MegaMillion's $170 Million Jackpot (MyFox - Houston)

Mega Millions jackpot grows (Kalamazoo Gazette)

This list could go on, and on, and on.... The question we all need to get answered is: How the heck to go about to actually WIN some of that money!?

You could get married and use the weddingdate... Like this couple in UK...
Or you could use a FROG to predict your numbers, like this woman!

The simple FACT is; Most of all of those How To Win The Lottery tips you ever hear about or read are complete garbage! What? Are you not surprised?

Have you never heard of Terry Fisher? See Proof Of $1,008,742 And $1,374,195 Wins!

Lotto Video - As seen on TV See What Independent TV's "A Current Affair" Says About Terry Fisher

What If There WAS a Way You Could Win More, More Often ?" And Can You Afford to Miss It ?

If I CAN show you the secrets that will dramatically increase your chances of Winning the Lottery - 100% risk-free - would you be interested?

Will you spend 90 days using the simple, easy, quick strategies in this breakthrough lottery book (spending no more on lotto tickets than you do now) to check out if we REALLY can help you - Knowing there's a cheerful 100% refund if your "luck" hasn't changed for the better?

How can you lose? You WILL Win More, More Often - Or you get a free lottery book! It's a no-lose situation. You ONLY have Two Options - WIN or a FREE BOOK.

lottery book order form

5 Dec 2008

Virus Warning! The Koobface is Back!

Facebook virus Koobface has gained a foothold into many accounts of the social network's users.

First spotted in August, the program sends emails to a user's friends and asks them to check out a funny video on a site, using a stupod subject line like "You look so amazing funny on our new video." or "You got filmed all naked".

The site looks like YouTube, but asks you to download an update to the Flash Player to watch the video. This download contains the virus.

Some victims report the bug has taken control of their browser, redirecting Google search links to other pages.

Facebook is resetting passwords on infected accounts, removing malicious messages and working with third parties to remove redirects to malicious content elsewhere on the web, the statement said.

If you get infected, or just in case, you might want to have a look at some of these:

Macrovirus On-call

Remember, there is one NEW virus developed and released EVERY SECOND!

4 Dec 2008

Combining Your Efforts

One of the most powerful ways to bring people to attention of your product again and again is to have them sign up for your opt-in email list. Once someone has signed up you can send them tips, articles and special offers.

Or, if you are into MLM (Multi Level Marketing), one of the keys to having success is to build a huge downline. Another place that downline building is crucial, is with traffic exchanges. Most traffic exchanges give you credit every time one of your downline surfs.

This tool combine them both. You get your personal leads WITH the signupdate, location and IP-number for your own use. AND, you get a few downlines in some pretty good TE's going at the same time.

25 Nov 2008

How I Promote Reality-Networkers

How I Promote Reality-Networkers

- Usable in any promoting

No matter what you are promoting, there are a few basic things to remember, and these basic rules are even more important when you are working as an Online Marketer;

- Be consistent. Successful marketers do some kind of promoting to move themselves forward everyday. It does not take much, but it is the only difference between success and failure. A good practice is to create a "what-to-do" list for the next morning, before you go to bed. That way you have a restful night and wake up refreshed in the morning with an agenda of things to accomplish.

- Learn how to write. The skill that will make or break you in internet marketing is copywriting. The most important thing to learn is Headline writing. Headlines are the eye-catchers of everything you do, no matter if it is e-mail marketing, splash-pages or web sites.

- Diversify. Spread your effort as much as possible over different sources. This is very important. If you do traffic exchanges, do not just do te's. If you are into safelist, do not just do safelists... and so on. You get the drift?

- Set a budget. Well, everything I will tell you in here is free. But we all know the fact that money makes money, right? Be careful what you spend your money on. Think twice, but when you have made up your mind, do not hesitate. Go for it for full, and remember to track your efforts.

Well, that briefly covers the basics, now lets look into how to market and what tools to market with. In this short article I am covering Reality-Networker, and since R-N is not really a program (it is a club, check-out the home-page) it has different kind of aspect than the normal affiliate programs we see out there.

I believe I have used every single way of promoting R-N found out there. With very different results. Again; remember to use a link-tracker, so you know what works and what does not. There is one to use for free on your Reality-Networkers pages.

Here we go (finally):


The problem with most TE's is that people tend to get numb seeing all of these affiliate pages time after time. That is why you should try to make a simple splashpage, to break the monotony and catch someone's attention is the best solution. Here is a great example of this: http://www.tetoolbox.com/splash/5425/

To join TE-tools go here: http://www.tetoolbox.com/features.php?referer=loblanc

For a Traffic Exchange to be good, it should have a lot of active members, huge amounts of sites and preferably a 10-15 sec timer. My reason for liking the timer to be that high is simple; pages load completely, more people see your message. Also, if they add a good downline-builder, then I am happy.

Here is a brief list of the ones I like to use, and do so with pretty good results. Notice that they are not the same ones that constantly get voted "Best TE's"?

TrafficEra - Many people despise Tera, claiming nobody ever signs up there. Not true, the social marketing part is extremely powerful in there.

TrafficSwarm - TrafficSwarm is one of the most responsive TE's I have ever encountered. I have signed up numerous members to very different kinds of programs from there. The thing that makes TrafficSwarm so different is the combination of headlines and pages, a bit like e-mail marketing in a traffic exchange. Go there, read the headlines before you click them. You will learn a lot.

HitSafari - One of the best downline builders around, nice graphics and easy to use. Good surfing bonuses.

Traffic-Splash - Absolutely astounding surf rewards! Really nice downline builder too. Catches both leads and signups! Not very good for merchandise sales, though.

Hit2Hit - Same as above, with an even bigger downline builder.

When, and if you use TE's, be sure to ALWAYS fill in the details on the downline builder. Your signups there are your future customers and downlines in other programs! Do not forget the Banner- and Textlinks when available!

There are numerous amounts of e-books on TE-Marketing out there, free ones You can access at The Librarian

Safelists, Opt-in lists and e-mail marketing.

Well, these are all basically the same. With a small but important difference between them all. Safelist are something you sign up for, get to send mail, and recieve them instead. Opt-in is something you sign up for and recieve without giving and e-mail marketing is pretty much dangerous unless done correctly. NO SPAMMING ALLOWED.

The common thing with all of these is one of the important things I mentioned at the beginning; Headline Writing. A headline is there to catch your attention, not to inform you of the rest of the letter. Like the difference between:

"Reality-Network have a lot of sign-ups" and

"Boy, Does THIS Have A Lot Of Sign-Ups!!!"

Be careful with the exclamation marks, they usually end up in the spam-folder. But I guess You see where I am going here? This subject has been discussed SO many times already, but here�s a few more examples of what I use to get people reading:

"The Secret Revealed!"

"WHY is Ben a Happy Marketer?"

"Could You Be The One?"

"Get UP from that sofa!!"

And so on. One that I have used quite a lot is "Want To Get These Leads?". You see, words that make people curious really MAKE them curious. Look at yourself, how you behave, what you think when you see a headline, and how you react to it...

There are a lot more examples at your R-N page.

Words like "matrix", "XXX", "Safelist", "Free" close to always and end up in the spam-folder. No need to say that everything illegal should be avoided. Badly written headlines end up in spam-folder in worst case, in best case they simply get ignored.

A couple of safelists worth trying, besides the one in Reality-Networkers, are:

GOT-Safelist - This is the one and only safelist I know of where people get paid in real cash to read your letters. 29.983 members.

Safelister - 23.266 members. A bit slow in the sending of the mail, but as I write this I had a sign-up from there!

There are, of course, hundreds more of them too. Type "safelists" in a searchengine, and try them out until you find the ones that suit you. There are also paid versions of them, but strangely enough, I have not really noticed any bigger percentage of sign-ups or sales from them...

Social Network Marketing

This area has got to be the best one for me now. Approximately 60% of my sales, signups and new leads come from that area. The only thing you need to know when you begin socializing, is how to behave. No need for good language skills. No need to have a formal vocabulary, or to be an experienced salesman (as a matter of fact, people tend to think they are suspicious). You simply need to know enough about the product you currently promote, tell some new friends about it, and; badabing! - a new sale. Or whatever you desired.

That is why I placed TrafficEra so high on my list of trafficexchanges. People WANT to hear about what you are promoting. Funny, considering we all do the same thing.

Here is the best ones, in my opinion, at the moment:

Apsense - Apsense is a free business social network where people come together to exchange thoughts and experiences. Oh, you get paid for writing articles. When they are read.

Hi5 - This one is more like MySpace. With the scrap-books and photo albums and everything. The good thing with these kind of communities is that you can bring in completely new people to your business, those who have not seen it all before.

To these above mentioned methods I must add a few very important ways of getting seen; Classified Ads, Mouth to Mouth and Offline Marketing and different variations of everything mentioned above.

However, I have already exceeded the space given me by miles, so I will have to continue at another time.

Remember to diversify!

Thank You!

17 Nov 2008

Proper Thank You Pages

Oh my, they had me thinkin' again...

Last Saturday I attended a free seminar arranged by Affiliate Funnel. The topic was: Open house with Jon and Paul. Jon being Jon Olson, known from I Love Hits and SWAT Traffic. And Paul is of course Paul Kinder, known for his Traffic-Splash. So you understand that the main team was to be traffic exchanges. And some really good information we got ourselves too, learned a few new things that evening.

Afterwards there was an opportunity to ask questions, and one that always comes up, came up. "How do I make money from my list?". Yes, well. That question is one that I bet is asked hundreds of times every day on various places, so I let that one be. However, that question led to a followup question, and the same thing happened with the answers as they usually do, and suddenly the talk was about "Thank You" Pages.

Everyone in that seminar, I believe and hope, agreed that those thank you pages are extremely important for ANY kind of business you do online. No matter if you sell flowers, cars or simply try to build a list. BUT! That was about it! One example of what such a page can look like, and nothing more! Oh yes, those exclamation marks came to me on Sunday, as I was thinking through what I'd learned.

So half of the Sunday and the whole day today (Monday) I've surfed around the net trying to figure out WHAT they are, HOW to do those pages, and what exactly to put ON them. Believe me, it was harder than I had imagined, finding any useful information.

But here we go:

What is a Thank You Page?

A Thank You Page is a page your prospects see after they have taken some action. Bought a car, an e-book, signed up for your newsletter. Whatever your business is, when your customer press that submit button this is where he should end up.

The thank you page have a few goals. It is more than just a common way of being polite, altough that too is important. It should also provide some "Next Step", or "What To Do" information for your customer. But most important of all is; Getting your customer to verify that so important e-mail adress of his, placing him-/herself on your opt-in list.

How do I set up a good Thank You Page?

Well, basically this is easy. You have to ways of doing this;

1 - Redirect your customer to the thank you page immediately after the pressing of that submit-button, or
2 - You can send the page as an e-mail. With the verification link.

The method you use is entirely a choice of your's and I have no opinion on what methos is better. I suppose it depends on the product and your style.

So what do I put ON that page?

- You begin your message by thanking your customer, and informing them that their choice of action has been successful. Remember you can send them to a thank you page even if they don't buy!
- This is also where you can briefly remind them of their brilliant taste in choice of dishwasher or whatever you are selling.
- Hopefully you use a system that requires a double opt-in, so you'll need to remind them of this fact here.
- Another great idea is to offer them a possibility to refer a friend/family member to your site. This means more contacts for you to market to, so perhaps you could offer the referring persons a reward for their efforts.

I know this is only some vague toughts about an issue that many people get paid big bux to do for a living, but the way this page is treated seem strange to me. After all, this IS the most important page you have. If you want your customer coming back!

16 Nov 2008

Hit Lion

Yes, You guessed it. Time for a presentation of a traffic-exchange again.

Hit Lion is a manual TE upheld, run and owned by Connie Motala, who is one of the nicest and most helpful persons around.

The surfing in itself is very easy, and you get the chance to choose if you want to do the clicks the traditional way or by hovering. Daily surf-rewards and bonuses are as natural in there as it is for you and me to breath.

This is one of the traffic exchanges I will be using on daily basis, for sure. Some

  • Superior Customer Service - LIVE ON-LINE SUPPORT
  • Rotating Banner Coop Advertising
  • Promote up to 5 sites, 5 banners & 5 Text Links!
  • 12 Second traffic Site Viewing Timer
  • Referral Commissions - BASIC- 5%, GOLD-25%, PLATINUM - 40%
  • Win Credits, Cash, Rotating Banner Ads and Splashpoints
  • Fun Weekly Lotto! Jackpot Prize - WIN 1 Year Upgrade
  • Daily, weekly & monthly Surf Prizes!

So, simply put, go ahead AND SIGN UP FOR HIT LION!

10 Nov 2008

I hate Web Promotion.

I hate Web Promotion. I hate it more than you do, and I always have.

Web promotion is all about getting links and traffic to sites. You can build one million quality sites but with no proper web promotion, you will never see money coming in.

Most web promotion tactics have one thing in common - trying to rank high in search engines results. In the old fashion days, I loved to submit my sites to hundreds of link directories. It worked like magic until the search engines changed their algorithms.

Then the next big thing was Blog and Ping. It was one of the most powerful web promotion system. I could easily get my pages indexed in a couple of hours and rank high in search engines.

But once again, the search engines saw this coming and as a result it is now very difficult to rank one's websites on search engines, based on Blog and Ping.

Article submission is one of the methods I used. However, though it is still a very effective traffic generating tactic, it is also very time consuming.

I spent thousands on SEO tools and even hired an SEO expert. I spent hours doing Search Engine Optimization on-site and off-site. I did see some traffic now and then but the figures were not something i was proud of.

I was at the mercy of the search engines and was spending more time and money than I could earn!

I was desperate for a real traffic generating solution. I needed to be able to get traffic fast! To my luck, I found the very answer to my web promotion pain.

With Social Bookmarking, You Can Tap Into An Unlimited
Supply Of Targeted Traffic
And High Quality Backlinks For Free!

Plogand Ping Click Here!

1 Nov 2008

Cash or hits?!

Well, there is not often when you get a chance to think about that. For many of us surfaholics out here in the marketing jungle, there now is this option available!

Cash Or Hits is one of the te's that have this option.

19 Oct 2008

A few PTC's


This is not usually my kind of thing, doing these PTC sites (Paid To Click). However, I understand that there's a great amount of cash moving in those, and a friend of mine asked me to put up a few links, so here we go.

SirenSongPTC and Lakota-SurfPTC

Both of these seem to me (un-experienced as I am) to be very clear and easy to inderstand. Go ahead, try them out.

If You like them, here's a few more of them:


9 Oct 2008

Offline Earning

Yup. I actually had a vacation.

Two weeks ago we wen't on a combined hunting/fishing trip with my father. With us we only had a few basics; Rifles, fishing gear, beer and his dog. And my laptop.
Sound like a lot of fun? Yes, it was. Until the storm.

We sat in the middle of nowwhere, with winds up to 31 m/s (that's like 69.345 025 054 mile/hour (mph). Pretty windy up here in our part of the world, actually I haven't been in a storm like that in years!
So one of the boats we had (we had three) shook itself free, hit the rocks and sank. And with it sank my laptop.


A few days later, as the weather got better, we managed to save the boat. It had a huge hole in it's side, but that is repairable. My laptop is not.

The good part, however, is; I had a lot of fun!
Oh yeah! And the thing about Offline Earning! The fact that my advertising did not suffer that much during this make me send a huge THANX to BigHitters Secrets!
Yes, I actually made a few bux, during my off-line period!

This is Ben, reporting LIVE from a friends computer.

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools

6 Sep 2008

An Alternative To Google Adsense

Fact: More and more people get screwed by Google Adsense.

Recognize this?
You worked Your ass off to get that first 100 bux You need to get Your hands on the money, and when You reach 90+ Your account is SHUT down. With NO explanation!

Yes, happened to mee too.

Here is the solution: BidVertiser

In Bidvertiser You are able to earn from, not only showing ads, but from referring people and selling ads! Not bad, huh?

Show text-ads on your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.

The best thing is that they pay me via PayPal with a minimum of only $10.

29 Aug 2008


Weekend Promo

August Surfing Contest is almost over so let's have some nice after-party with cash prizes :)

Surf at least 300 pages in total during next three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday; 100 pages per day or 300 pages in just one day — you decide), and get a very good chance to win some cash:

There will be 50 lucky winners, so you have a very good chance to earn $1 cash bonus just for your usual surfing.
Winners will be notifed by email in the next newsletter and on members home page.


* Contest starts at 3:00am EST this Friday, Aug 29, and ends at 2:59 am EST next Monday, Sep 1 (GMT+5)
There is no need to claim — our system will choose 50 random active surfers automatically and add $1 cash to their account balances

4 Aug 2008

Forex Affiliate Program

Forex-Affiliate.com - Earn thousands of $$$ per Referral !!!

Recently I found myself tied up in bed due to an accident. I had too much time, and (believe it or not) not enough programs to promote in my Traffic Exchanges!
Then I came across this:

Thousands of affiliates cannot be wrong! The Forex (currency trading) industry is the world's biggest market on earth, with a daily turnover of 2.5 trillion dollars! Forex-Affiliate.com joins forces with Easy-Forex™ Trading Platform, a world leader in online currency trading. We have affiliates that are making over $100,000 USD per month why not join it's free and easy we will guide you every step of the way.
  • Earn Up To $10,000 USD Per Referral!!!
  • Professional advertising materials (Banners, Text Links, Mini Sites & more)
  • Accurate and reliable statistics, tracking, reporting and display.
  • Fast and reliable cash and commission payments.
  • 24x7 Personal account management, for all affiliates and business partners.
  • Payment options available include wire transfer, credit cards, cheques and Paypal.
  • Highest conversion rates than any other Forex program GUARANTEED!
  • Registration is free. Click Here to sign up now.

  • So far I can only tell; It WORKS! Amazing!

    17 May 2008

    Paid To Click

    Paid To Click programs, or PTC's, are a way of generating some fast cash simply by reading mails or commercials. Basically the tought behind this way of advertising is very easy and not hard to understand. An advertiser pays for a commercial to be seen/read a certain amount of times, and you get a share of that payment by doing so.
    Here are a few programs I found that actually pays You the money they promise:

    Clix Sense - Pays by check
    PaidSuperMail - Pays out after $2 to PayPal
    Candace - Pays when you have $10

    and a bit different, a safelist that pays you for reading the mails:

    GOT-safelist - 5 bucks payout

    Then there are a huge amount of TE's (trafficexchanges) that pay you actual money for reading messages and mail, here only a few:


    And many more. Remember that there is a HUGE amount of scams out there! Always beware of them!

    9 May 2008

    Scam letters

    We have all had them, e-mail scams, and I am sure we all agree on how annoying they are. When You get 20-30 letters telling You that You have won this or inherited that per day, it easily get to the point of ignoring ALL letters from unknown senders. That is not good, not good at all, since that way You easily miss those few letters containing real opportunities.

    The scamletters have improved a lot since the days of the "Nigerian letters", and now it is sometimes hard to tell if a mail is real or just another way to get You to give out Your personal details.
    One way to check the autenticy of a letter is to have the provided phonenumber checked. If the number goes to a pre-paid cellphone You can be sure it is a scam. No real company uses pre-paid cellphones.
    Another good way is to search on the net for the company name, sender or the header of the letter. If it is a scam, You can be sure You are not the only one getting it and there will be discussions about it on the net.

    Good Luck, and hopefully You will find out that one of those letters is real and You actually WON those millions it promised. :)

    15 Apr 2008

    Traffic Exchange Toolbox

    Tons of great features!

    Optional Frame
    Maybe you want to display our rotator frame, maybe you don't. Either way you can change your mind at any time! Our frame includes a link to open the current site in a new window, and a link to open your TEtoolbox referal url.

    Domain Filtering
    So you are trying to build a downline in multiple exchanges, and you throw all their referal urls into your rotator. But then you realize your StartXchange referal link can be seen on StartXchange!? Not with Domain Filtering! Domain Filtering, when enabled, will prevent pages from being shown when the refering site is the same domain. No more wasting traffic! You can enable or disable this feature at any time.

    No Advertisements
    TEtoolbox does not insert advertisements into rotation on you, nor does it create any popups. You can even turn off the TEtoolbox frame on the rotator.

    Great Commission
    While not the reason to join, commission for refering others is a great feature. What's awesome is even free members get a 10% commission, so if you don't want to upgrade you can still earn some extra cash ;-)

    Google AdSense Referrals

    What is Google AdSense Referrals?

    Referrals is a feature of AdSense that allows website publishers to increase their revenue while increasing their users' awareness of useful products and services. By adding a referral button to a site, publishers can direct users to products like AdSense, AdWords, Picasa, Google Pack and Firefox with Google Toolbar. When a referral connects a user to AdSense, AdWords Picasa, Google Pack or Firefox, Google pays the publisher. Now publishers can introduce their visitors to services that will help them monetize their websites or improve their web browsing experience, and earn more revenue.

    In order to use referrals, you need to be an AdSense publisher.

    Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

    2 Apr 2008

    Capture those Leads!

    One of the best ways of marketing is, and has always been, direct marketing. Before marketing went online we used to have to run around and sign up friends, family and complete strangers we met on the street.
    Now when we are so called 'Online Marketers', we still have to use the same technique. Only a bit modified. If you go spamming complete strangers with e-mails, I can guarantee you that all of your efforts will result in closed accounts and maybe even lawsuits. Not good, huh?

    So how do you find and approach those strangers? Simply by 'capturing leads'. You get them to sign up for this or that, could be a newsletter, a website membership or anything else you can think of. Then, when they have agreed to recieve mails from you, you are allowed to spam them... until they close you down. ;) Yep, gotta be careful there. Too much is always too much.

    Here is an example of a leadcapturing splashpage:
    The thing that makes that one so fantastic, at least in my opinion, is the fact that it also automatically build you a huge downline!

    1 Apr 2008

    The Idiot of the Year?


    Do it the smarter way, get into


    28 Mar 2008

    Trafficexchanges or TE's

    Like most other online marketers out there I use a lot of TE's. And many of them I do not use, simply signed up for them, surfed a few sites, and then forgot all about them. You've done that too, haven't You? ;)

    So I decided I try to find out all the ones I've signed up for through the past years. Phew! Believe me when I say it was NOT an easy task I gave myself here...

    Well, here they are. If anyone liked to join a new TE, please feel free to do so. All of them give You some free credits for Your efforts (sign up and surf a few).

    Adsense Elite Team
    Advertising Know-How
    Arobu Hits
    Best Free Traffic
    Canadian Clicks
    Click Evolution
    Hit Bandit
    Hit Pulse
    I Love Hits
    Jesus Traffic 4 All
    Just More Traffic
    Kolachi Surfing
    Lazy Ace Traffic
    Link Crews

    Top Surfer
    Traffic Discovery Biz Exchange
    Traffic Planets
    Traffic Pods
    Traffic Roundup

    I am 100% sure there are more that I have signed up for and forgot about, but what can You do? I am a lousy admin, that is clear. ;)

    20 Mar 2008

    Traffic to your pages

    Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

    Here's a few guidelines how to generate more traffic to your sites and pages. However, remember that the most important thing is to do something every day, or as much as you can. There is no such thing when you start out as "free traffic", it always demand work.

    1. Sign up for a few good traffic exchanges. These are extremely good sources of traffic AND, if You are selling something or doing affiliatemarketing, many of them are really responsive!

    A few examples of good, and FREE, Traffic Exchanges:

    - Traffic Era. A surfsite with chat! The most fun around at the moment. :)
    - Hit2Hit. A traffic exchange with lot of competitions. Pays with good and real money.
    - Traffic Attitude. A traffic exchange with both manual and autosurf.
    - StartXchange. One of the most responsive TE's around. Excellent forum.

    If You surf on these for an hour or a couple per day, You have hundreds of hits just like that. Worth it? Absolutely.

    2. Promote your website with PTC services. Using PTC or Paid To Click is a way to get unique visitors to your website that the search engines love so much. Many of these PTC companies have thousands of members that login daily to click on paid ads. The same person can't click on your ad in a 24 hour period, so when you pay for 500, 5000, or maybe even 10,000 visitors to come to your website, you will actually get this many people.

    A few examples on PTC sites:

    - YourHotmails.
    - ClixSense.

    3. Promoting with E-mails. DO NOT SPAM RANDOM PEOPLE! That sentence is extremely important. The best way to use email promoting is to use safelists. That way you won't be accused of spamming. By joining these email companies you're agreeing to receive other peoples emails too, so make sure you have a mailbox big enough. ;) Safelistmarketing can be very useful if you're in to affiliatemarketing.

    Here's a few examples on Safelist:

    - GOT-Safelist. A safelist that actually pay you money to read the mails. A bit of a combinated Safelist and PTR.
    - Newage Marketing.

    Good Luck with Your promotions!

    17 Mar 2008

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