19 Oct 2008

A few PTC's


This is not usually my kind of thing, doing these PTC sites (Paid To Click). However, I understand that there's a great amount of cash moving in those, and a friend of mine asked me to put up a few links, so here we go.

SirenSongPTC and Lakota-SurfPTC

Both of these seem to me (un-experienced as I am) to be very clear and easy to inderstand. Go ahead, try them out.

If You like them, here's a few more of them:


9 Oct 2008

Offline Earning

Yup. I actually had a vacation.

Two weeks ago we wen't on a combined hunting/fishing trip with my father. With us we only had a few basics; Rifles, fishing gear, beer and his dog. And my laptop.
Sound like a lot of fun? Yes, it was. Until the storm.

We sat in the middle of nowwhere, with winds up to 31 m/s (that's like 69.345 025 054 mile/hour (mph). Pretty windy up here in our part of the world, actually I haven't been in a storm like that in years!
So one of the boats we had (we had three) shook itself free, hit the rocks and sank. And with it sank my laptop.


A few days later, as the weather got better, we managed to save the boat. It had a huge hole in it's side, but that is repairable. My laptop is not.

The good part, however, is; I had a lot of fun!
Oh yeah! And the thing about Offline Earning! The fact that my advertising did not suffer that much during this make me send a huge THANX to BigHitters Secrets!
Yes, I actually made a few bux, during my off-line period!

This is Ben, reporting LIVE from a friends computer.

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