28 Mar 2008

Trafficexchanges or TE's

Like most other online marketers out there I use a lot of TE's. And many of them I do not use, simply signed up for them, surfed a few sites, and then forgot all about them. You've done that too, haven't You? ;)

So I decided I try to find out all the ones I've signed up for through the past years. Phew! Believe me when I say it was NOT an easy task I gave myself here...

Well, here they are. If anyone liked to join a new TE, please feel free to do so. All of them give You some free credits for Your efforts (sign up and surf a few).

Adsense Elite Team
Advertising Know-How
Arobu Hits
Best Free Traffic
Canadian Clicks
Click Evolution
Hit Bandit
Hit Pulse
I Love Hits
Jesus Traffic 4 All
Just More Traffic
Kolachi Surfing
Lazy Ace Traffic
Link Crews

Top Surfer
Traffic Discovery Biz Exchange
Traffic Planets
Traffic Pods
Traffic Roundup

I am 100% sure there are more that I have signed up for and forgot about, but what can You do? I am a lousy admin, that is clear. ;)

20 Mar 2008

Traffic to your pages

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Here's a few guidelines how to generate more traffic to your sites and pages. However, remember that the most important thing is to do something every day, or as much as you can. There is no such thing when you start out as "free traffic", it always demand work.

1. Sign up for a few good traffic exchanges. These are extremely good sources of traffic AND, if You are selling something or doing affiliatemarketing, many of them are really responsive!

A few examples of good, and FREE, Traffic Exchanges:

- Traffic Era. A surfsite with chat! The most fun around at the moment. :)
- Hit2Hit. A traffic exchange with lot of competitions. Pays with good and real money.
- Traffic Attitude. A traffic exchange with both manual and autosurf.
- StartXchange. One of the most responsive TE's around. Excellent forum.

If You surf on these for an hour or a couple per day, You have hundreds of hits just like that. Worth it? Absolutely.

2. Promote your website with PTC services. Using PTC or Paid To Click is a way to get unique visitors to your website that the search engines love so much. Many of these PTC companies have thousands of members that login daily to click on paid ads. The same person can't click on your ad in a 24 hour period, so when you pay for 500, 5000, or maybe even 10,000 visitors to come to your website, you will actually get this many people.

A few examples on PTC sites:

- YourHotmails.
- ClixSense.

3. Promoting with E-mails. DO NOT SPAM RANDOM PEOPLE! That sentence is extremely important. The best way to use email promoting is to use safelists. That way you won't be accused of spamming. By joining these email companies you're agreeing to receive other peoples emails too, so make sure you have a mailbox big enough. ;) Safelistmarketing can be very useful if you're in to affiliatemarketing.

Here's a few examples on Safelist:

- GOT-Safelist. A safelist that actually pay you money to read the mails. A bit of a combinated Safelist and PTR.
- Newage Marketing.

Good Luck with Your promotions!

17 Mar 2008

AdvertiZerZ Online

Hello e1.
This is the AdvertiZerZ Online official blogspot. The intention is to try to get the pulse on as many of those "make a fortune online" programs out there as possible. The real gold opportunities and the scam.

On my website I have a lot of helpful programs and articles for the ones of You that think You still have things to learn:

AdvertiZerZ Online

The site is FREE for use, and so are the articles, tools and the programs I promote there. Go ahead, have a look. :)

Beside promoting moneymaking opportunities, I will discuss the weather, stupidities and everything that I can think of when I write.