7 Aug 2009


Promotion/Marketing Methods

There are many ways to promote online. One of the most popular one people uses is safelist. The key to succeed in safelist marketing is to join as many as you can and to keep adding new safelists to your list. However, there is just one little problem. Not many of us can find that many safelists to join. Even if we can really put in the effort to do so for a week or two, to continue doing that for many months is just impossible for most people.

By becoming part of the Reality-Networkers, one of the benefits you can enjoy is having the entire team looking for new safelists and other promotion methods for you on a regular basis. Because they are required to find new and more safelists in order for them to get paid, they will never lose the motivation, and will never slack off. So you can continue to post your ads to more safelists, and other promotion methods every single day to help you succeed.

Promotion Tools

An important tool to help you post efficiently to safelists and other promotion methods is an Auto-submitter. There are a lot of those services to choose from. With limited budget, it's almost impossible for most people to pay and try out every single one of them to find out the best one to use.

Therefore, a small portion of the earning from every Reality-Networkers will be used to test out all the auto-submitter, and other promotion tools to find out the best one for the entire team to post their ads more efficiently.

Custom made/Pre-Written Ads

The next thing to an efficient promotion is the presentation of your advertisement. That means you need an eye-catching title with a very attractive content. And worst yet, you need to change your ads on a regular basis to get result !

Therefore, our team of Reality-Networkers is also required to come up with new titles and advertisement for you to choose. These ads are categorized alphabetically, and periodically. And new ads will be added all the time so our members can keep on advertising with new materials every day without having to put in too much time in writing a better title and advertisement.

Online Marketing Tips and Strategies

I'm sure many of you already know that it is important to acquire certain knowledge in order to find a job and earn some money. After all, I'm sure all of you have been to school for this very reason. If a stranger on the street told you he will help you do your work and give you all the money, would you ever believe him ?

NO WAY !!!

So what makes you think things would work like that online ?

If you're still thinking like that, or are looking for an opportunity like that, then you will continue to lose money. It should be a fact to you by now.

If you truly want to succeed in any online venture, you are required to work for it, and must have the knowledge to work for it.

Some of you may think that you do not have the skill or the talent to refer anyone because you have not have any luck in the past few years.

Well, do you think you were just suddenly "given" the skill and the talent that have helped you in your current or previous work place ?

No, I don't think so.

For sure you gained the necessary knowledge and skills from schools, books, experience, or your trainer. And that's exactly what is needed for you to succeed online as well.

That's why a portion of the earning from ALL Reality-Networkers is also used to purchase all those books and guides to help the entire team to gain the necessary knowledge and the skills to succeed.

And those active promoters with many years of experience are also required to write up a short report showing you exactly how he's doing it. Because if he can refer hundreds of people using the same promotion tools and methods as you do, there is no way that you cannot do the same by following his steps !

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