22 Jan 2009

New AOL Webmail Connects Gmail, Yahoo Mail

AOL's newly formed Products and Technologies Group made its first product announcement on Thursday, an update of AOL Mail that allows users to access Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts.

In addition to the plugins for external mail accounts, the second largest free email service (counts 48 million users) has also been updated for faster performance, over 45 new customization themes, and calendar and address syncing with mobile devices including BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone.

Some of the plugins are interesting and useful – the Flickr plugin, for example, lets you browse Flickr tags from within your inbox, while the “Sticky Notes” plugin lets you quickly jot things down. However, many of the plugins – like MapQuest - simply provide basic information and then open up a new window with a website – basically, they’re just bookmark links. AOL Mail’s plugin gallery lets you browse the dozens of different apps you can add to your account, which are then accessible via a sidebar.

The new Products and Technologies group is part of the company's move to an ad-based profit model, and includes Mail, Mapquest, AOL Search, Truveo video search, and AOL Mobile, as well as the back-end infrastructure teams.

15 Jan 2009

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