17 May 2008

Paid To Click

Paid To Click programs, or PTC's, are a way of generating some fast cash simply by reading mails or commercials. Basically the tought behind this way of advertising is very easy and not hard to understand. An advertiser pays for a commercial to be seen/read a certain amount of times, and you get a share of that payment by doing so.
Here are a few programs I found that actually pays You the money they promise:

Clix Sense - Pays by check
PaidSuperMail - Pays out after $2 to PayPal
Candace - Pays when you have $10

and a bit different, a safelist that pays you for reading the mails:

GOT-safelist - 5 bucks payout

Then there are a huge amount of TE's (trafficexchanges) that pay you actual money for reading messages and mail, here only a few:


And many more. Remember that there is a HUGE amount of scams out there! Always beware of them!

9 May 2008

Scam letters

We have all had them, e-mail scams, and I am sure we all agree on how annoying they are. When You get 20-30 letters telling You that You have won this or inherited that per day, it easily get to the point of ignoring ALL letters from unknown senders. That is not good, not good at all, since that way You easily miss those few letters containing real opportunities.

The scamletters have improved a lot since the days of the "Nigerian letters", and now it is sometimes hard to tell if a mail is real or just another way to get You to give out Your personal details.
One way to check the autenticy of a letter is to have the provided phonenumber checked. If the number goes to a pre-paid cellphone You can be sure it is a scam. No real company uses pre-paid cellphones.
Another good way is to search on the net for the company name, sender or the header of the letter. If it is a scam, You can be sure You are not the only one getting it and there will be discussions about it on the net.

Good Luck, and hopefully You will find out that one of those letters is real and You actually WON those millions it promised. :)