17 Feb 2018

Easy Traffic For You - EasyHits4U

It is almost unbelievable, but I have not written a single word about one of the most popular - if not THE most popular, traffic exchanges out there. Not one word (almost, I had a promo in August 2008 - but I did not write that one myself), although I've written in here since march 2008 about all kind of free traffic exchanges and been a member of EasyHits4U since march 2007! At least I can't find anything and I feel a bit ashamed.

As i finally get myself together and write this, we are now in February of 2018, they have a huge database of 1,412,501 members, and  at any point of the day there are way over 2,000 members surfing! Incredible!

Well, EasyHits4U have always, since the day i joined, brought me good traffic and they always pay what they owe me. As a free member you get 0.30$ for every 1.000 page you surf and every now and then a surprise cash-bonus while you surf. Not much, but as I already said, they also give huge amounts of excellent traffic, so the cash is only a bit extra!


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