9 Apr 2018

Maryanne Myers - A few of her safelists!

Maryanne Myers - Pic from her site #GoldMine
Many of you already know who Maryanne Myers is, but I am pretty sure many of you don't. It took
me several years of online working before I even encountered her name. Yes, I admit, I was ignorant.

Madame Myers is a PHP programmer/Internet Marketer/Designer and owning of different online businesses since way back in March 1998. That makes it 20 years now, congrats!

Among her latest, and therefore perhaps more known, programs are #1PopEasy, #1GoldMine and the Pangea Group. These are all different kinds of safelists. I've counted over 20 programs she's been developing, so I won't go into them all in this short posting, but the amount of stuff she's done is HUGE and very impressive.

The latest, however, is a safelist called #1PopEasy. Well, perhaps it is not a safelist, it might be called a lot of other things too, a TE, a brander, a listbuilder... You choose, but I think it could be called a safelist with a twist or two.

This has a 2 Tier Affiliate Program with the SAME commission on both tiers. No upgrades needed to get the same commission on referring sales. This sells very good, quality advertising. Use your credits for three types of advertising on #1PopEasy: email ads, banner ads and text ads. You can CHOOSE if you want to receive email ads, or if you want to click them onsite.

The twist? Well, you can win Bitcoins or multiple items on the unique Pop game. You will always get something for every ad that you choose to click on and visit for a few seconds. It's absolutely free to play the game, of course, as it is to join the site.

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