10 Oct 2012



This is one of those programs that run in your browser every time you go on the internet. Basically, there is a small ad down att your screen that changes every few minute, and you get paid for seeing it - No, you do not have to click it or anything.

I have tried it out for a couple of months now, and much to my surprise it really work!I actually get some cash for doing virtually NOTHING!

One of the advantages with this program, for me, is that they accept Payza (former AlertPay) as a way to send you money! :) As some of you may know, I really dislike PayPal...

If you want to earn more with the program there is a bunch of daily games, extra clicks (like in ClixSense) and of course - like in every program - you get paid more if you get a downline.

Well worth giving a try, after all - it is completely free!

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Anonymous said...

hey mate,,, check out this link:


it is PTC (paid to click), our job is just click the ads/advertisements everyday...

100% making money for us ;)
moreover we can earn thousands of dollar /month...

without use your own money or investing money and there's no MLM system,,,,
they already paid more than "$64 millions" and exist since 2008...!!!

and also they had a forum for us to sharing strategy with other members from foreign countries,,,

we just need invest our time, let say 5 minute/day...
how wonderfull if we work without "boss" and work +- 5 minutes per day...=)
and earn a lot of MONEY!!!^^

you don't believe this???

check out this one(one of success member that already get $150,000!!!!:)


remember!!!he is not the most successfull one!!!
but the litle one^^

heres are the BIG KEY and the Logic!!!
we no need to find referrals or invite peoples like MLM!!!
because we can rent referrals to help us increase the profit!!!

1 referral = $0.2
so we need only $20 for 100 referral,,,
if you standard member 1 click ads from rent referral = $0.005
every rent referral had maximum clicks thats 4 clicks every day,,

so your profit per day if you standard member with 100 rent referrals:
0.005x4x100=$2 per day,, and $60 per month,,,!!!

if you GOLDEN(golden price =$90)member 1 click ads form rent referral = $0.01
so your profit per day if you GOLDEN member with 100 rent referrals:
0.01x4x100=$4 per day,, and $120 per month,,,!!!

how if you have 1000 rent referrals?!? 10000 rent referrals?!? or more over 100000 rent referrals!!!
its so easy to become success right???^^


"PATIENCE" is the KEY!!!
especially who is starting from "zero"!!! because we need to collect $0.2 to rent 1 referral...

the wonderful of sharing,,,=)

once again our job just see ads everyday!!!