4 Dec 2013


Are you guys tired of paying the high cost for income opportunities? Of course you are!
Are you tired of all that useless sponsoring and advertising? Sure as hell you are!

For most internet marketers, the number one priority when they first look for opportunities to participate in online, is the chance to make money quickly and easily without much prior experience or know-how or hours and hours of  work with no results.

Here is one such way for you!

FEEDERMATRIX is without doubt actually a so called "Number 1 Program" for beginners. It's simplicity to use and the direct pay system combined with the spill-over AND spill-under system makes it a program that you simply can not screw up. At least in theory.

With a ridiculously low cost to start, you get started for only $1.75, there is not even a risk for you going into bankrupcy if the Internet brakes down. On the other hand, if that happens your money is lost anyways...

So, if you happen to have the teeny-tiny sum needed rotting on your Payza account, go ahead and join, it will be worth it! Also, for those of you that aren't yet so lycky to be Payza-members (you really SHOULD join, you know), PayPal and Solidtrust are accepted.


20 Nov 2013

Fast Easy Traffic

Have you heard? ...

There is a new way to get fast easy traffic to your sites completely free.

Over 32,000 internet marketers have already discovered this secret traffic source which meansyour visitors are as targeted as it gets. Free too!

I just recently discovered FastEasyTraffic.com.The traffic really is fast and it is real easy to use. Fast EasyTraffic is already turning heads and my results to date have been mega-impressive.

Whether you need rabid buyers on your list, or bigger downlines I found signups come, shall we say, fast and easy!

The Traffic Exchange Guy himself, Jon Olson, said this.... 

"Program Review - Fast Easy Traffic

 The new super-collective in the traffic exchange industry is without a doubt Paul Kinder and Tim Rash. These two gentlemen have taken the bull by the horns and made huge strides in both their businesses. Separate they are very powerful but together they are unstoppable.
 One glance at Fast Easy Traffic shows you the huge potential this traffic exchange has just simply by the two of them combining their resources to create one of the traffic exchanges to watch for in the upcoming months."

Have a look at Fast Easy Traffic by clicking the link!

Fast Easy Traffic

And while you can get masses of fast easy traffic completely free look out for the special exclusive
upgrade when you first join. You will only see it once. I took it, it will pay for itself many times over

You get lots of extra traffic and commissions plus a slew of other benefits at a ridiculous discount! And best of all, in my opinion, they use PAYZA!

To Your Success, The fast easy way!

Oh, by the way, this top quality site is already packed with people desperate to see and buy your offers and it's growing faster by the day!

Grab your share now....

And another OH! Don't forget the special exclusive upgrade that you will only see once when you first login... if you're serious about traffic, but want it fast and easy, you won't find a better deal anywhere!

14 Nov 2012

VastHits Banner Ad Exchange

I've been trying out a thing I've never tried before; Banner exchange. The place I got this was from the traffic exchange VastHits, one of the TE's where you get paid for clicking - 30 cents per 1000 clicks. Yes, well, I know it aint much, but considering you get all the free traffic too, a few extra cents in your account are always welcome.

The banner below is an example of how it may look:

When I'm writing this, VastHits claims that a total of 284152 banners are shown throughout Vasthits and Members sites. Pretty impressive!. 

The instructions are simple and easy to follow, so hopefully this is something good :)  We all need a bit of positivism sometimes, so I will try this out for a while.

Go ahead, try it for yourself!

11 Oct 2012

Content - Writing articles

I had a few extra minutes earlier today, and that is not usual these days, so I did some googling on different topics. Lots of crap, some fun pics - mostly of cats :p - and then suddenly... I stumbled over a bunch of articles about how to write articles.

And they were interesting. Very. I wish I'd read them a long time ago, they where written back in 2008(!) by a guy called Jerry McCoy, perhaps I'd now be better at this.

The site is called "How To Write Marketing Articles" and the stuff is, as mentioned, written by Jerry McCoy. Now, I don't have a clue who this McCoy is, but I can tell he really knows what he is talking about.

So, if you suddenly come up with some spare time; Head over and have a look. It might well be worth it!

10 Oct 2012



This is one of those programs that run in your browser every time you go on the internet. Basically, there is a small ad down att your screen that changes every few minute, and you get paid for seeing it - No, you do not have to click it or anything.

I have tried it out for a couple of months now, and much to my surprise it really work!I actually get some cash for doing virtually NOTHING!

One of the advantages with this program, for me, is that they accept Payza (former AlertPay) as a way to send you money! :) As some of you may know, I really dislike PayPal...

If you want to earn more with the program there is a bunch of daily games, extra clicks (like in ClixSense) and of course - like in every program - you get paid more if you get a downline.

Well worth giving a try, after all - it is completely free!

make cash

4 Feb 2011

How to leave a comment

I found this cool site where you can play around with different How to for Dummies pages. Try it out, it is fun!

15 Dec 2010

ClixSense now with AlertPay

I remeber a few years back, when the PTC-program ClixSense launched. I was one of those happy fellows that got along nearly from the start and that way made myself a pretty nice down-line. I also remember the joy I felt when I got my first check from them, I think it was somewhere around $30 in cash, and how I figured my luck was made!

I also, too well, remember when I took it to my bank.

They looked at it, glanced at me like I was something the dog had dragged in then glanced at my check, shook their heads and told me to go home and use it as writing-paper. Basically.

The word disappointment do not cover how I felt. I was devastated. I felt sick.

The worst thing about it is the fact that I was not alone up here in Scandinavia having these feelings. I had several friends telling me the same story, over and over again.

Well, what I did was plain simple. I wrote to them, asked them to hold every single cent until my saldo reach $250 - because that way the sum would cover the bank fees when I exchanged it to REAL money - and forgot the whole thing.

And I had the check -$250 minus the fees fos ClixSense, minus the fees for the bank I had in my hand 37€! - "Wow!" I tought, that's more than some people make in a year in Botswana. Wow, I also realized, that's less than I make in one hour normally.

So, simply of curiosity, I signed in to my ClixSense account, browsed around for a while, and - suddenly - I notced: They now accept AlertPay! HAH! Saved by the bell, or something like that! No more check-disasters, no more $3 per payment, no more problems whatsoever! The cash goes to my AlertPay account automatically every time it reaches $10, in my case about twice a week!

So NOW, maybe, I can feel the joy and happiness I felt two years ago.

And, oh yes there is one "and" again, I will surprise my wife with a few bottles of good wine and something nice to eat tonight! ;)