15 Dec 2010

ClixSense now with AlertPay

I remeber a few years back, when the PTC-program ClixSense launched. I was one of those happy fellows that got along nearly from the start and that way made myself a pretty nice down-line. I also remember the joy I felt when I got my first check from them, I think it was somewhere around $30 in cash, and how I figured my luck was made!

I also, too well, remember when I took it to my bank.

They looked at it, glanced at me like I was something the dog had dragged in then glanced at my check, shook their heads and told me to go home and use it as writing-paper. Basically.

The word disappointment do not cover how I felt. I was devastated. I felt sick.

The worst thing about it is the fact that I was not alone up here in Scandinavia having these feelings. I had several friends telling me the same story, over and over again.

Well, what I did was plain simple. I wrote to them, asked them to hold every single cent until my saldo reach $250 - because that way the sum would cover the bank fees when I exchanged it to REAL money - and forgot the whole thing.

And I had the check -$250 minus the fees fos ClixSense, minus the fees for the bank I had in my hand 37€! - "Wow!" I tought, that's more than some people make in a year in Botswana. Wow, I also realized, that's less than I make in one hour normally.

So, simply of curiosity, I signed in to my ClixSense account, browsed around for a while, and - suddenly - I notced: They now accept AlertPay! HAH! Saved by the bell, or something like that! No more check-disasters, no more $3 per payment, no more problems whatsoever! The cash goes to my AlertPay account automatically every time it reaches $10, in my case about twice a week!

So NOW, maybe, I can feel the joy and happiness I felt two years ago.

And, oh yes there is one "and" again, I will surprise my wife with a few bottles of good wine and something nice to eat tonight! ;)

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